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The gender pay gap in the English NHS: Analysis of some of the underlying causes

Report 13/05/2019John Appleby | Laura Schlepper

This briefing looks at differences in basic pay between men and women employed by the NHS in England, based on data from the NHS electronic staff record for one month. As well as drawing on previous analyses to describe the extent of overall pay differences by staff group, pay band, age and ethnicit...

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The gender pay gap in the English NHS: how does it vary by ethnicity?

Blog post 12/07/2018Laura Schlepper | John Appleby

While we already know there is an overall gender pay gap in favour of men in the English NHS, research shows that pay gap inequalities between men and women are also shaped by ethnic inequality. Laura Schlepper and John Appleby look at its impact within the NHS.

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The gender pay gap in the English NHS: how does it vary across age groups?

Blog post 12/07/2018John Appleby | Laura Schlepper

With it already known that the gender pay gap in the health service favours men, John Appleby and Laura Schlepper take a closer look at how this gap varies by age.

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The gender pay gap in the NHS: the story so far

Blog post 05/04/2018John Appleby

With businesses all over Britain reporting on their gender pay gap this week, John Appleby looks at how the NHS has fared.

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