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Chart of the week: Black NHS staff are underrepresented in senior management roles

Data story 11/06/2020

Each week, we present a chart that addresses a vital issue dominating global conversations around health care and society as a whole. This week, Lucina Rolewicz and Jonathan Spencer highlight the disproportionately low representation of black people working in senior positions in hospitals and commu...

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Summit 2020 snapshot: Dr Nikki Kanani on primary care networks and reducing inequalities

Video 28/02/2020

Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and Medical Director of Primary Care, NHS England discusses the potential for primary care networks to transform the way populations receive care and reduce inqualities.

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Summit 2020 session: Prof Chris Whitty on health trends and projections over the next 20 years

Video 27/02/2020

Prof Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England and Chief Scientific Adviser for the DHSC, gives a whistlestop tour of where we are in health care quality and keeping people well – and where …

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Sir Simon Stevens at Summit 2020: In conversation with Mark Dayan

Video 27/02/2020

Sir Simon Stevens receives questions on the success of the Five Year Forward View, reducing inequalities and the coronavirus by Nuffield Trust Policy Analyst and Head of Public Affairs Mark Dayan, …

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Locked out? Prisoners' use of hospital care

Report 26/02/2020Dr Miranda Davies | Lucina Rolewicz | Laura Schlepper | Femi Fagunwa

It is widely known that prisons in England are crowded and facing severe difficulties, but the health and health care use of the prisoners within has received little attention. Drawing on over 110,000 patient hospital records for prisoners at 112 prisons, this study provides the most in-depth look t...

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Quality and inequality: digging deeper

Briefing 23/01/2020

Our QualityWatch scrolling data story explores whether inequalities in the quality of care between the most and least deprived groups have changed over the last decade. Here we put the study into context and explain the findings.

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Poorest get worse quality of NHS care in England, new research finds

Press release 23/01/2020

New QualityWatch analysis finds people living in the most deprived areas of England experience a worse quality of NHS care and poorer health outcomes than people living in the least deprived areas.

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