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Mental health

Indicator update 29/11/2019Jessica Morris

With 1 in 6 adults experiencing a mental illness, we're monitoring how quality in NHS mental health care varies over time.

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Outcomes of hospital admissions among frail older people: a 2-year cohort study

Journal article 15/07/2019

Study to determine long-term outcomes of older people discharged from hospital following short (

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Safety in health and social care

Indicator update 30/11/2018Jessica Morris

We're monitoring changes in safety in health and social care over time across a range of measures.

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Ian Blunt: Focus on preventable admissions - slideshow

Page QualityWatch 23/10/2018

Ian Blunt, Nuffield Trust, introduces the QualityWatch ‘Focus On’ series, providing analysis of preventable admissions.

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Hospitals and care homes: what do we know?

Page QualityWatch 22/10/2018

We highlight some key charts and statistics from our research into care home residents' use of hospital services.

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Mental health

Indicator update 10/10/2018Jessica Morris

Around 1 in 6 adults experiences a mental illness in any given week. We're monitoring quality in NHS mental health care over time.

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Child asthma admissions: part of a ‘care-failure’ iceberg

Blog post 26/06/2017Dr Andrew Whittamore

What should be done about persistently high emergency admissions for children with asthma?

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News release: UK faces ‘mountain to climb’ in improving care quality, new comparative study finds

Press release 03/07/2015

Despite significant improvements since 2000, the UK can and should do better in preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and improving survival from killer diseases.

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