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The history of the NHS

Page 11/11/2019

This online book is the new home of The book traces the story of the NHS, recounting how it was set up, what happened next, and why. It was written by Geoffrey Rivett, and the resource is now maintained and upd...

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Successfully improving the interface between hospitals and social care

Blog post 27/03/2018Stephanie Kumpunen

Alongside our new report today, Stephanie Kumpunen looks at what lessons can be learned from local areas to help more effective collaboration between health and social care.

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When the price isn't right: how cuts in hospital payments added up to the NHS deficit

Blog post 13/10/2017Sally Gainsbury

Sally Gainsbury reveals how much a hospital is paid to treat a patient today compared to 2010.

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How hospitals can collaborate with social care

Blog post 20/04/2017Holly Holder

Holly Holder reports back from our recent event on managing the interface between hospitals and social care.

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Very real risks to resilience

Blog post 08/02/2017Robert Reed

Writing for National Health Executive, Robert Reed assesses the new year outlook for care quality.

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Winter hospital bed pressures

Report 16/12/2016John Appleby

Kicking off a new data series on winter pressures, John Appleby presents the findings of a new analysis of bed occupancy levels from NHS England situation reports for last winter. The analysis suggests that the NHS could be on track for a very difficult winter this year.

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NHS hospitals under pressure: trends in acute activity up to 2022

Briefing 06/10/2014

We look at trends in admissions and bed use over the last few years.

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Ernst Walther: The challenges facing hospitals in Germany

Video 20/01/2014

In this video interview, Dr Ernst Walther, Head Physician, Department of Neurology, Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek, Germany, describes his concerns regarding hospital organisation in Germany, focusing …

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Judith Smith: Hospital organisation and size across Europe

Video 20/01/2014

In this video interview, Dr Judith Smith, Director of Policy, Nuffield Trust, explores different approaches to organising hospital services across Europe, and considers the debate around hospital …

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Mark Britnell: Lessons from Europe on hospital organisation

Video 20/01/2014

In this video, Dr Mark Britnell, Chairman and Partner, Global Health Practice, KPMG, reflects on his experience of the organisation of acute hospital services around Europe. Dr Britnell spoke at …

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