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Vaccination coverage for children and mothers

Indicator 31/03/2022

This indicator looks at vaccination coverage for children and mothers in the UK and internationally.

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Public health

Indicator update 26/02/2020Jenny Davies

We’re monitoring changes in public health over time.

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International comparisons of healthcare quality

Indicator update 31/07/2018Jessica Morris

International comparisons of the performance of health systems can be a powerful tool. As well as highlighting areas for quality improvement, they enable us to answer some big questions in health care.

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Indicator update summary: infants and children, and waiting times

Indicator update 21/04/2017Robert Reed

A round-up of our latest indicator updates.

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News release: UK faces ‘mountain to climb’ in improving care quality, new comparative study finds

Press release 03/07/2015

Despite significant improvements since 2000, the UK can and should do better in preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and improving survival from killer diseases.

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