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Quality and inequality: digging deeper

Briefing 23/01/2020

Our QualityWatch scrolling data story explores whether inequalities in the quality of care between the most and least deprived groups have changed over the last decade. Here we put the study into context and explain the findings.

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Equity of outcomes: why we must do better

Blog post 16/05/2018Helen Buckingham

Helen Buckingham looks at the recent findings from the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review Programme, and asks what will it take for health leaders to once and for all put in place services that meet the needs of everyone who uses them.

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose local care is fairest of all?

Blog post 31/10/2016Richard Cookson

How local health equity data can support quality improvement initiatives.

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Errors, emergencies and inequality: key findings from our latest indicators

Blog post 16/04/2015

Six interesting statistics on topics including NHS complaints, medication errors, life expectancy and emergency calls.

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