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Chart of the week: How has the risk of acquiring Covid-19 in hospital changed in the last year?

Data story 13/08/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. Back in November, Sarah Scobie revealed the rise in the proportion of patients in hospital who had acquired Covid-19 after being admitted. This week she revisits the topic to see if things have c...

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Safety in health and social care

Indicator update 29/01/2020Jenny Davies

We’re monitoring changes in the safety of health and social care over time.

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10 crucial trends: Quality in the NHS 2009 to 2017

Blog post 19/12/2017John Appleby

We look at key quality performance measures during an unprecedented period of financial squeeze.

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'When pressures bite, the first thing to give is access to care'

Blog post 08/12/2016Nigel Edwards | Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE

By Nigel Edwards, Nuffield Trust and Dr Jennifer Dixon, The Health Foundation.

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NHS vulnerable to serious lapses in care even as care quality improves in some areas, report warns

Press release 08/12/2016

Ongoing pressures risk making the health service more vulnerable to serious lapses in care.

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A decade of quality in health

Press release 10/10/2013

Many quality indicators linked to the NHS are holding up but data point to urgent and preventive care as causes for concern.

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The abolition of infection

Report 01/01/1982DAJ Tyrrell

Report discussing the abolition of infection

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