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Improving care for people with MS: the potential of data and technology

Report 10/07/2018Sophie Castle-Clarke | Natasha Curry | Holly Dorning | Laura Wetherly

An MS Society-commissioned report mapping out what technology is already available for people with MS, what more could be done with what is available and how data and technology could be better exploited in future to improve MS health care.

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The NHS at 70: What will new technology mean for the NHS and its patients?

Report 28/06/2018Sophie Castle-Clarke

To mark the BBC’s coverage of the NHS’s 70th birthday in July 2018, researchers from the Health Foundation, Institute for Fiscal Studies, The King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust have joined forces for the first time, using combined expertise to shed light on some of the big questions on the NHS...

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Struggling to keep up: technological innovations and the NHS

Blog post 13/12/2017Sophie Castle-Clarke

Alongside the briefing we’ve published today, author Sophie Castle-Clarke looks at three key reasons why the NHS has yet to make the most of new innovations.

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Falling short: Why the NHS is still struggling to make the most of new innovations

Report 13/12/2017Sophie Castle-Clarke | Nigel Edwards | Helen Buckingham

Despite the fact there is good understanding of the issues obstructing innovation in the NHS, it is still slow to adopt new technological ideas. Why is this, and how can we address the problem?

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Nuffield Trust comments on 'AirBnB'-style scheme for patients on leaving hospital

Press release 26/10/2017

Nigel Edwards spoke to the BBC about the scheme to place patients leaving hospital in 'AirBnB'-style rooms.

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Digital technology can transform patients’ lives, but impact on the NHS is uncertain, experts find

Press release 16/11/2016

Digital technology for patients and staff in primary care is one of the brightest hopes on the NHS horizon – but the impact of this new digital capability is far from certain.

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Martin Bardsley: integration and innovation in health

Presentation 09/05/2016

In this slideshow, Dr Martin Bardsley, Director of Research at the Nuffield Trust, describes recent Nuffield Trust research into  evaluating health and social care innovations , aiming to improve  …

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Innovation and austerity: How can the NHS prioritise, afford and deliver innovation?

Conference/seminar 18/01/2016 • 08.30–10.30

This timely seminar brought together 20 senior leaders from the health and social care system. The recently published interim report of the AAR provided a topical backdrop for discussions, and Sir Hugh Taylor, Chair of the AAR expert advisory group was in attendance to generate further recommendat...

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Nigel Edwards: Meeting NHS challenges through innovation

Video 31/03/2014

Nigel Edwards , Chief Executive, Nuffield Trust, discusses the challenges facing the NHS. He argues that imaginative new models of care delivery are required to meet the current financial challenges …

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Under pressure: hospital organisation in Europe

Blog post 29/01/2014Nigel Edwards

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