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Looking to the long term: the Japanese approach

News and opinion 27/11/2017Natasha Curry

Long read: Earlier this month, Natasha Curry and Sophie Castle-Clarke went to Japan to look at their social care system. Ahead of more work on it, a new long read from Natasha looks at the emphasis they place on prevention and long-term thinking, and why the UK should be wary of doi...

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Spending on health: how does the UK compare internationally?

News and opinion 04/08/2017John Appleby | Ben Gershlick

For years, international stats seemed to show the UK spending less of its national income on health care than other wealthy countries – but new figures show we may be keeping up with our peers after all. John Appleby has worked with Ben Gershlick of the Health Foundation to look at what this means...

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QualityWatch: UK faces ‘mountain to climb’ in improving care quality, new comparative study finds

News and opinion 03/07/2015

The UK can and should do better in preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and improving survival from some of the biggest killer diseases, a new report comparing performance across high-income countries reveals today.

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Reforming social care – what can we learn from the world’s oldest country?

News and opinion 27/11/2013

A new Nuffield Trust report examines how radical reforms in Japan provided universal coverage to older people at a time of major financial constraints.

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Devolved UK in danger of losing power in Europe

News and opinion 20/11/2008

A report from health policy think tank the Nuffield Trust examines how devolution in the UK could erode the nation’s current influential position in shaping European Union health policy.

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Primary health care in an international context

Research 01/10/1994John Fry | John Horder

International comparisons on general practice

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Reflections on the management of the national health service

Research 04/10/1985Alain Enthoven

An international perspective on the NHS

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Medical education and medical care: A Scottish-American symposium

Research 01/01/1977Gordon McLachlan

Collection of essays on the joint anniversary of the founding of the Edinburgh Medical School and of the American Bicentenary.

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