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Divided we fall: getting the best out of general practice

Report 05/02/2018Dr Rebecca Rosen

How best to balance the proliferation of GP services prioritising speed and convenience with the traditional view of general practice based on deep knowledge, community-based understanding and continuity of care?

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Transforming and sustaining change: what’s the role of general practice?

Blog post 19/10/2017Natasha Curry

Following our recent surveys on the landscape of general practice, Natasha Curry talks about the future and how important it is to win the hearts and minds of GPs, as well as the importance of sustaining transformation in STPs.

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Investing in a sustainable workforce

Blog post 12/10/2017Dr Mike Holmes

After the RCGP/Nuffield Trust at-scale survey results were published earlier this week, Dr Mike Holmes describes local initiatives in his practice that are addressing workforce challenges.

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What progress are large-scale GP practice organisations making across England?

Blog post 10/10/2017Stephanie Kumpunen

With the results of the RCGP and Nuffield Trust at-scale survey published, Stephanie Kumpunen looks at the current picture in general practice and asks what clinical commissioning groups and policy-makers can do to help.

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Collaboration in general practice: Surveys of GP practice and clinical commissioning groups

Report 10/10/2017Stephanie Kumpunen | Natasha Curry | Maddy Farnworth | Dr Rebecca Rosen

Results of the second wave of surveys of general practice staff and CCG staff conducted by the Nuffield Trust and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

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Quality and safety: reflecting on the state of general practice

Blog post 26/09/2017Dr Charlotte Paddison

With most GP practices shown in a new report to provide good or outstanding care, Charlotte Paddison reflects on what should happen next in primary care and what can impact on its quality.

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Charlotte Paddison responds to the CQC State of General Practice report

Press release 20/09/2017

The vast majority of GP practices are providing good or outstanding care but pockets of poor quality care remain, with 1 in 10 practices needing to improve.

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Summary booklets on lessons for large-scale general practice

Summary 13/09/2017Dr Rebecca Rosen | Stephanie Kumpunen | Natasha Curry | Dr Alisha Davies | Dr Luisa Pettigrew | Lucia Kossarova

Booklets to accompany our report from July 2016.

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General practice at scale: is it working for front-line GPs?

Blog post 24/05/2017Natasha Curry

Natasha Curry looks at how the move to large scale general practice is working on the ground, and invites GPs to take part in a new survey on large-scale general practice.

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Lessons from large-scale general practice

Audio 03/08/2016

Ben Gowland, Director of Ockham Healthcare, talks to our Senior Research Fellow, Dr Rebecca Rosen, who co-wrote “Is Bigger Better? Lessons for large-scale general practice”. The two discuss the …

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