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Strategic health authorities and regions: lessons from history

Report 02/07/2020Nigel Edwards | Helen Buckingham

With NHS England and NHS Improvement now a single entity, having seven regional teams to carry out work on the ground, what can be learned from previous incarnations of the NHS that relied on regional bodies? A new report by Nigel Edwards and Helen Buckingham asks the people who were there to provid...

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NHS history

Spotlight 19/05/2020

It is sometimes said that as a large and highly complex organisation, the NHS must pay more heed to the lessons that history offers when forming new policies. Here we collect together a variety of our resources and analysis that use history to aid understanding.

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Lessons from 40 years of health policy: keynote address by Nigel Edwards

Speech 05/03/2020Nigel Edwards

Nigel Edwards spoke at last week’s Nuffield Trust Summit, reflecting on lessons from 40 years of health policy. This is the transcript of his speech at that event.

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Successes and shortcomings: health policy lessons

Blog post 27/02/2020Nigel Edwards

With Nigel Edwards’s speech at this year’s Nuffield Trust Summit looking back at lessons from 40 years of health policy, here he runs through some policy highlights and failures over that time – and argues how we can do better in future.

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