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Best-laid plans: will the NHS get it right this time?

Blog post 30/07/2019Helen Buckingham

With 2019 so far seeing a few ‘plans’ for and within the NHS, Helen Buckingham takes a look at how set the health service is for success this time – and what it will take to get there.

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Collaboration in the NHS is a good thing but there's a risk of it becoming cosiness

Press release 24/06/2019

Our Director of Strategy Helen Buckingham responds to the Health Select Committee’s "NHS Long-Term Plan: legislative proposals" report.

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On the same page? Taking a closer look at the Long Term Plan and the Planning Guidance

Blog post 23/01/2019Helen Buckingham

With the Long Term Plan recently in the news, Helen Buckingham looks at how it reads alongside the Operational Planning Guidance, which arguably could be called the NHS’s ‘short-term plan’.

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Staff shortages and prospect of no deal Brexit threaten to undermine ambitious NHS plan - Nuffield Trust

Press release 07/01/2019

Nigel Edwards responds to NHS England's Long Term Plan for the next 10 years.

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New money will not lead to a big shift in services - Nuffield Trust

Press release 22/11/2018

The funding boost will simply allow GPs and community services to keep up with demand.

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Staffing shortfall of almost 250,000 by 2030 is major risk to NHS Long Term Plan, experts warn

Press release 15/11/2018

Critical and lasting shortages in the healthcare workforce mean that the forthcoming NHS Long Term Plan risks becoming an unachievable ‘wish list’ of initiatives to improve the health service.

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