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Medicine matters after all: measuring the benefits of medical care, a healthy lifestyle, and a just social environment

Report 01/10/2001John Bunker

This report shows that medicine, like lifestyle and socioeconomic factors, does indeed have an important effect on health.

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New medicines, the practice of medicine and public policy

Book 01/11/2000Richard Sykes

A seminal report on innovation in medicine, written by the head of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

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Evidence-based health care processes: some issues of evaluation and application

Report 01/09/2000Vivienne McLoughlin

This report is a summary of a workshop on evidence-based medicine.

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Politics, society, and preventive medicine

Report 01/01/1986Dr Alfred Yarrow

Report on preventive medicine.

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Hospital medicine and nursing in the 1980s: Interaction between the professions of medicine and nursing

Book 01/01/1984Archie Duncan | Gordon McLachlan

Book on a seminar exploring the interaction between medicine and nursing care.

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Doctor to doctor: Writing and talking about patients

Report 01/01/1984Sir John Walton | Gordon McLachlan

Essays on communication in medicine

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The medical role in environmental health

Book 01/01/1978H A Waldron

Book on the role of medicine in environmental health.

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The end of an age of optimism

Report 01/01/1978Colin Dollery

Report on the application of science to medicine.

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The role of medicine: Dream, mirage or nemesis?

Report 01/04/1976Nuffield Trust

A report on the determinants of health and the role of medicine.

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Change in medicine

Report 01/01/1975Sir George Godber

This report considers the changes in medicine under the NHS.

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