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Sustainability and transformation plans in London

Research 12/09/2017Professor Chris Ham CBE | Hugh Alderwick | Nigel Edwards | Sally Gainsbury

An independent analysis of the October 2016 STPs (completed in March 2017).

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The professional and support workforce: one needs the other

News and opinion 08/09/2017Candace Imison

When it comes to skill mix, Candace Imison says that different types of NHS staff working together can be a powerful combination.

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NHS hospitals deeper in the red than reported, new analysis shows

News and opinion 31/08/2017

A new briefing by the Nuffield Trust reveals the true underlying state of the NHS’s finances today, and outlines prospects for the next three to four years.

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NHS finances

Spotlight 30/08/2017

With the NHS finances under scrutiny and public sector austerity set to continue, we explore the big financial and funding issues facing the health service over the next few years.

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Putting the NHS house in order: putting quality before money

News and opinion 29/08/2017Candace Imison

Candace Imison gives her perspective on a recent report from Getting It Right First Time, and argues that the focus on any savings from reducing unwarranted variation must not miss the more important gains – better patient outcomes.

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Will the NHS really need fewer beds in the future?

News and opinion 07/08/2017Nigel Edwards

Long read: After a recent review of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) by London South Bank University, Nigel Edwards uses hospital data to take a closer look at the scale of the task they face in reducing the number of beds, and where they might concentrate their eff...

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Right care, right place: why NHS estates matter

News and opinion 28/07/2017Helen Buckingham

Helen Buckingham takes a measured approach to NHS estates, and explains why the NHS finds it such a difficult issue. She looks at the importance of getting it right for patient care, the potential for developing smart local solutions, and invites others to be involved in our work on it.

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The fairest of them all? Examining the NHS's global ranking

News and opinion 20/07/2017Nigel Edwards

While the NHS was recently judged again to be the best health care system from 11 different nations, Nigel Edwards reflects on why it doesn’t do quite so well on clinical outcomes.

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Cuts to public health: why spending less will cost the NHS more

News and opinion 12/07/2017Dr Charlotte Paddison

With public health and prevention in the news, Charlotte Paddison talks about the implications of getting it wrong and the importance of getting it right – for people’s health and for NHS finances.

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Learning from Scotland’s NHS

Research 05/07/2017Mark Dayan | Nigel Edwards

This report looks at Scotland’s unique health care system, and explores how other parts of the UK might be able to learn from it.

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