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Are patients benefitting from better integrated care?

Blog post 17/01/2019Sarah Scobie

As QualityWatch publishes a scrolling data story investigating whether the drive in recent years to integrate services more closely has resulted in any tangible improvements for patients, Sarah Scobi...

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Patient experience of NHS and social care services

Indicator update 28/06/2018Jessica Morris

This month's indicator update draws on data from various national patient surveys. It shows experiences of NHS mental health services are on the whole poorer than experiences with emergency departments or inpatient care.

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'A zombie measure that can never die'

Blog post 09/03/2018Glenn Robert | Dr Jocelyn Cornwell

Why the Friends and Family Test should no longer be compulsory.

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Indicator update summary: November 2016 - January 2017

Indicator update 26/01/2017Robert Reed

Indicators we've updated over the last few months.

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NHS vulnerable to serious lapses in care even as care quality improves in some areas, report warns

Press release 08/12/2016

Ongoing pressures risk making the health service more vulnerable to serious lapses in care.

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‘Patients will lose out if general practice isn’t recognised’

Blog post 19/09/2016Maureen Baker

A comment on our indicator updates on GP services.

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Indicator update summary: GP patient experience

Indicator update 19/09/2016Nora Cooke O'Dowd

GP Patient Survey data and what it tells us about patient experience.

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Indicator update summary: Inpatient experiences

Indicator update 11/08/2016Nora Cooke O'Dowd

We look at what the NHS Inpatient Survey reveals about patients' experiences.

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Patient experience: conversations, not just clipboards

Blog post 11/08/2016Jane Mordue

Understanding patient experience is about more than numbers.

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Are we too complacent about life expectancy?

Blog post 11/05/2015Dr Tazeem Bhatia

Data on healthy life expectancy reveals significant gaps between the richest and poorest in society.

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