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Nuffield Trust responds to pay increase for Agenda for Change staff

Press release 21/03/2018

Today's deal is welcome respite for NHS staff, however, pay alone isn't going to solve the problem of staff shortages.

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How should payment systems evolve in the new era of integrated care?

Blog post 20/03/2018Dr Richard Lewis | George Agathangelou

Long read: Dr Richard Lewis and George Agathangelou look at the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to funding integrated care – arguing that a successful solution must be easy to understand and aligned to participants’ core mission and values.

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The NHS payment system: evolving policy and emerging evidence

Report 20/02/2014Dr Louise Marshall | Anita Charlesworth | Jeremy Hurst

This research report reviews different approaches to payment for health services in the English NHS.

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Anita Charlesworth: NHS payment reform

Presentation 20/02/2014

In this audio slideshow,  Anita Charlesworth , Chief Economist, Nuffield Trust, describes the English NHS payment reform, reviewing evidence of recent payment reform initiatives and exploring the …

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Can payment reform promote better care?

Blog post 20/02/2014Dr Louise Marshall

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NHS payment reform: lessons from the past and directions for the future

Report 02/02/2014Anita Charlesworth | Loraine Hawkins | Dr Louise Marshall

This policy response reviews different approaches to payment for health services in the English NHS.

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Lorraine Hawkins: Payment reforms in Europe

Presentation 07/03/2013

In this slideshow, Lorraine Hawkins, Visiting Senior Fellow, The King’s Fund, outlines trends in payment reforms across Europe, and examines whether the Payment by Results system is fit for purpose …

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NHS budget surpluses: the law of unintended consequences

Blog post 05/11/2012Anita Charlesworth

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Exploiting the single payer inheritance

Blog post 28/09/2012Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE

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