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Injustice? Towards a better understanding of health care access challenges for prisoners

Report 21/10/2021Dr Miranda Davies | Eilís Keeble | Rachel Hutchings

Many prisoners still struggle to access hospital services despite their significant health care needs, and early data suggests the pandemic has worsened access further. In this report, we consider new evidence relating to pre-existing health conditions before prison, the use of remote consultation,...

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How prison health care in England works

Explainer 20/10/2021

Prisoners tend to be of poorer health than the general population and have complex health care needs. Alongside their research report on prisoners' access to health care in England, Rachel...

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Chart of the week: How many women in prison in England give birth each year?

Data story 22/09/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. With a report published this week on the tragic death of a newborn baby at HMP Bronzefield, how much is actually known about pregnant women in prisons in England? In this chart, Miranda Davies lo...

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Prisoners missing out on hospital treatment, new research reveals

Press release 26/02/2020

New research shows four in ten hospital appointments made for prisoners are cancelled or missed and that over one in ten pregnant prisoners gave birth either in prison or on their way to hospital in 2017/18.

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Prisoner health: Dr Miranda Davies Q&A

Blog post 26/02/2020Dr Miranda Davies

As we publish our new research today on prisoners’ use of health care, we spoke to lead author Dr Miranda Davies about the project.

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Nuffield Trust comments on prison health report

Press release 01/11/2018

A lack of data means we are flying blind when it comes to understanding prisoners’ health needs and how to meet them.

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What to expect when you’re expecting in prison?

Blog post 05/09/2018Dr Miranda Davies

As the prisoner health project continues, it’s become clear to Miranda Davies there are different gaps in knowledge. In this blog, she looks at what we know (or don’t know) about pregnant women in prison, and what our research will do about it.

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Us and them: the impact of prejudice on prisoners’ health care

Blog post 20/04/2018Dr Miranda Davies

Miranda Davies looks at the perceptions that people have about prisons, and how they might affect the health care that prisoners receive.

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Numbers matter in prison

Blog post 13/03/2018Dr Miranda Davies

At the start of a new project, Dr Miranda Davies looks at how prisoner and staff numbers impact on health and care, and explains what our new research will do.

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Incarceration - Humane and Inhumane: Human values and health care in British prisons

Report 01/09/1999Stuart Horner | Meg Stacey

This report summarises a Forum on human values and health care in British prisons.

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