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Combined Performance Summary: December 2018 - January 2019

Latest data 14/02/2019Jessica Morris

Our monthly round-up of the latest NHS performance data.

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What can we learn from hospital data about prisoner health?

Presentation 31/01/2019

A taster of early findings from analysis of prisoners' use of inpatient hospital services in 2017/18, current Nuffield Trust research in progress and potential uses of    hospital data to better …

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The costs of delivering health care in rural areas

Blog post 21/01/2019Billy Palmer | John Appleby | Jonathan Spencer

Long read: As our new report reviews the impact of rurality on the costs of health care, Billy Palmer, John Appleby and Jonathan Spencer take a closer look at some of the findings and how approaches to funding rural services can be improved.

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Are parts of England 'left behind' by the NHS?

Blog post 30/12/2018Mark Dayan

Long read: With a number of factors driving worse health outcomes in poorer areas of England, Mark Dayan looks at whether the NHS is also leaving certain areas behind.

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Combined Performance Summary: October–November 2018

Latest data 13/12/2018Jessica Morris

Our monthly round-up of the latest NHS performance data.

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Combined Performance Summary: September – October 2018

Latest data 08/11/2018Jessica Morris

Our round-up of the latest key NHS performance data.

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Summary: People with mental ill health and hospital use

Page QualityWatch 24/10/2018

Read an online summary of the research, including key findings and implications for policy makers and commissioners.

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QualityWatch annual statement 2016: infographic

Page QualityWatch 23/10/2018

Key findings from 'Quality at a cost', our 2016 annual statement.

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Annual statement 2015: A visual summary

Page QualityWatch 23/10/2018

View an infographic highlighting key findings from this year's QualityWatch annual statement.

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Summary: International comparisons of healthcare quality

Page QualityWatch 22/10/2018

What can the UK learn from international comparisons of healthcare quality? We offer an overview of our research. By Lucia Kossarova, Ian Blunt and Martin Bardsley.

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