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Rapid Evaluation in Health Care 2022

Conference/seminar 25/01/2022 – 26/01/2022 • 09.30–12.15

Join us at the Rapid Evaluation in Health Care Conference 2022!

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Rapidly prioritising innovations in adult social care for evaluation: a Q&A with Dr Holly Walton

Blog post 15/03/2021Dr Holly Walton

Dr Holly Walton is co-author of new research published last week on rapidly prioritising innovations in adult social care for evaluation. In this Q&A we ask her more about the work, including the benefits and drawbacks of doing the research at such speed, and the possible lessons for researchers wan...

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Rapid evaluation in health care 2021


The third annual conference was organised by the Nuffield Trust and the Health Foundation in collaboration with NIHR RSET and NIHR BRACE.

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What is rapid research and why is it relevant for health care?

Blog post 13/03/2019Dr Cecilia Vindrola-Padros

Changing climates and priorities in health care require fast, actionable findings. Dr Cecilia Vindrola-Padros explores what rapid research is, and why these shorter study timeframes are increasingly relevant.

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