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Social care: the action we need

Report 28/11/2019Natasha Curry | Nina Hemmings | Camille Oung | Eilís Keeble

Social care in England is at a crossroads. All three major political parties in the 2019 general election have recognised in their manifestos that the social care system is in need of change. So what needs to be done?

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England could learn lessons from Japan to address social care crisis

Press release 09/05/2018

The Government can learn important lessons from the Japanese social care system in achieving public buy-in, an easy to navigate system and a strong focus on prevention of loneliness and ill health, experts suggest.

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Provider chains: lessons from other sectors

Report 05/12/2014Helen Crump | Nigel Edwards

Review of NHS providers' potential to develop different organisational forms

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NHS funding crunch creates a challenge for GPs to improve public health

Press release 25/04/2013

A new report argues that GPs and other primary care staff should lead a more proactive approach to helping people remain healthy, but only if empowered to do so.

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NHS reforms in England: managing the transition

Explainer 09/03/2011

The NHS in England is about to embark on a substantial programme of reform. This report identifies ways to minimise the risks associated with these changes and capitalise on opportunities.

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Making progress on efficiency in the NHS in England: options for system reform

Briefing 23/06/2010

How can we preserve a publicly funded health service in the current economic climate? This briefing paper offers solutions for reducing spending.

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