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Why should we compare internationally? The more dimensions the better

Blog post 03/07/2015Lucia Kossarova

Looking at healthcare quality from an international perspective over time offers us a 3D picture of performance.

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New data visualisation explores potentially preventable emergency admissions

Blog post 21/05/2015

Explore 13 years of hospital admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions, across 326 local authorities.

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A decade of quality in health

Press release 10/10/2013

Many quality indicators linked to the NHS are holding up but data point to urgent and preventive care as causes for concern.

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Use of secondary care in England by international immigrants

Journal article 01/04/2011

Although over half a million migrants arrive in England each year, information about their use of health services is limited. The aim of this article is to describe the use of secondary care by international immigrants and compare it to people moving within England.

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