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Seven-day NHS: a frontline perspective

Blog post 14/12/2016Saira Ghafur

Saira Ghafur outlines some of the challenges around seven-day working from the perspective of someone with lived experience of working on call in a hospital.

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Seven day working: why the health secretary’s proposal is not as simple as it sounds

Blog post 05/09/2015Helen Crump

Writing for the BMJ, Helen Crump explores the evidence behind seven-day NHS proposals and their financial implications.

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Seven-day working: the bigger picture

Blog post 04/09/2015Nigel Edwards

The government wants to see a "seven-day NHS" - while doctors argue such a plan would affect services over the rest of the week. In a Scrubbing Up column for the BBC, Nigel Edwards argues the issue is even more complex.

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Responding to new announcements by Jeremy Hunt on seven-day working and transparency

Press release 16/07/2015

Jeremy Hunt announces new measures on transparency and seven-day working. The Nuffield Trust responds, noting that consultants are only one piece of the puzzle.

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Staff burnout could derail NHS efficiency drive and move to 7-day service

Press release 02/06/2015

The Nuffield Trust today warns that plans for an unprecedented £22 billion in savings and seven day working by 2020 will not be realised unless the health service reconnects with staff and develops their skills to better meet changing patient needs.

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Nuffield Trust responds to Government’s 'seven-day NHS' plans

Press release 18/05/2015

The Nuffield Trust respond to the Prime Minister's speech today in which he pledged to create a 'seven-day' health service.

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Nuffield Trust responds to 'seven-day NHS'

Press release 28/03/2015

Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive of the Nuffield Trust, responds to the Prime Minister's pledge to establish a 'seven-day NHS'.

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Nuffield Trust responds to seven day GP access announcement

Press release 30/09/2014

Nuffield Trust's Chief Executive Nigel Edwards responds to David Cameron's announcement on the expansion of the Prime Minister's Challenge Fund for GP access.

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