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Smaller hospitals: deserving of support at every level

Blog post 14/02/2020Louella Vaughan

Smaller hospitals provide care to nearly half the population of England and are often the linchpin of rural communities. Yet their position is precarious despite recent pledges to tailor operating models to meet their needs more equitably. Dr Louella Vaughan has edited a special edition of...

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Podcast: Is there a future for smaller hospitals in the NHS?

Audio 09/08/2016

Helen Birtwhistle, Group Director of External Affairs at NHS Confederation, sits down with Nigel Edwards and Sir David Nicholson to discuss the viability of the smaller hospitals. The podcast follows …

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Making rural hospitals sustainable

Blog post 12/07/2016Nigel Edwards

Nigel Edwards examines some of the challenges facing rural and remote hospitals in England - and what can be done to address them.

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Daring to ask: is there a future for smaller hospitals in the NHS?

Conference/seminar 12/07/2016 • 18.00–20.00Amanda Philpott | Caroline Abrahams | David Evans | David Nicholson

The NHS Confederation and the Nuffield Trust's second debate in our joint event series - Daring to ask - took place on 12 July.

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What is the future for smaller hospitals in the NHS?

Blog post 08/07/2016David Evans

David Evans, Chief Executive of Northumbria Foundation Trust, argues that smaller hospitals should be acknowledged as valuable assets in the NHS ecosystem - for the good of rural communities.

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Are smaller hospitals sustainable?

Blog post 21/06/2016Paul Mears

We interviewed Paul Mears, Chief Executive of Yeovil District Hospital, about the viability of small hospitals, the challenges they face and what he thinks some of the solutions might be.

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Has the tide turned for small hospitals?

Blog post 09/05/2016Matt Gaskins

Kicking off a new series, Matt Gaskins unpicks the current landscape for smaller hospitals.

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