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What is Scotland’s new National Care Service?

Explainer 24/06/2022

The Scottish government this week published landmark legislation to support its vision of social care reform. It will see a new national body, the National Care Service, being formed to set standards and commissioning priorities for delivery by newly established local care boards. In this explainer...

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Nuffield Trust: Significant tweak to social care proposals will leave fewer protected from catastrophic costs

Press release 22/11/2021

Natasha Curry's comments ahead of a vote on an amendment to the Care Act 2014.

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The value of investing in social care

Briefing 21/10/2021

What are the benefits of further funding for reform to adult social care in England? Nuffield Trust joins forces with the Health Foundation and The King's Fund to set out the potential benefits of finally tackling the challenges facing the sector.

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The adult social care workforce: next in the Secretary of State’s in-tray or last on the agenda?

Blog post 18/10/2021Nina Hemmings

Ahead of next week’s Spending Review, Nina Hemmings describes how this year has been even worse than previous years for social care. The reality for the 1.5 million staff in the sector is that they cannot wait for the next white paper or delayed promise of reform – they need immediate and coordi...

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Capping the costs: what are the lessons from the German social care system?

Blog post 12/07/2021Laura Schlepper

With a possible cap on costs taking centre stage in the debate over England's social care reforms, Laura Schlepper outlines the social care cap currently in place in Germany. What can we learn from the German funding system and the decisions which led to it?

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Nuffield Trust: Further delay to social care reform a betrayal of commitments made by government

Press release 11/05/2021

Our Deputy Director of Policy Natasha Curry responds to the Queen's Speech.

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Fractured and forgotten? The social care provider market in England

Report 16/04/2021Natasha Curry | Camille Oung

Covid-19 has highlighted many issues in the social care system in the last year, but providers of these vital services are still often ignored. This report highlights the systemic problems with the way the provider market for social care operates in England.

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Nuffield Trust: The pandemic has only added to the effects of years of delay to meaningful social care reform

Press release 25/03/2021

Natasha Curry responds to the NAO report on the adult social care market in England.

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Social care

Indicator update 24/03/2021Jenny Davies

We’re monitoring trends in the quality of social care.

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Rapidly prioritising innovations in adult social care for evaluation: a Q&A with Dr Holly Walton

Blog post 15/03/2021Dr Holly Walton

Dr Holly Walton is co-author of new research published last week on rapidly prioritising innovations in adult social care for evaluation. In this Q&A we ask her more about the work, including the benefits and drawbacks of doing the research at such speed, and the possible lessons for researchers wan...

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