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Trusting the numbers

Blog post 30/01/2018Ed Humpherson

Ed Humpherson argues that health and care data needs to improve if it is to fully serve its purpose in driving quality.

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Monitoring quality of care: making the most of data

Presentation 01/11/2016

Chris Sherlaw-Johnson, Senior Research Analyst at the Nuffield Trust, introduced the Monitoring quality of care conference and gives an overview of some of the approaches that we've been using at the …

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Applied use of CUSUMs in surveillance

Presentation 01/11/2016

Paul Aylin, Co-Director of the Dr Foster Unit at Imperial College London, gives concrete examples of using a specific statistical model for monitoring care quality, cumulative sum (CUSUM).

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Monitoring change in health care through statistical process control methods

Report 29/01/2016Chris Sherlaw-Johnson | Dr Martin Bardsley

The family of approaches known as statistical process control (SPC) have been widely used for monitoring outcomes in industry and have gained acceptance in many health care settings. However, they are less commonly applied to look at population-level changes across organisations – the changes we n...

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Statistical methods for health care regulation: rating, screening and surveillance

Journal article 01/01/2012

This article considers three different regulatory functions in which statistical analysis plays a vital role: rating organizations, deciding whom to inspect and continuous surveillance for arising problems.

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