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Addressing staff burnout: a moral and ethical imperative

Blog post 26/01/2018Candace Imison

With NHS winter pressures in the headlines but their impact on staff perhaps falling under the radar, Candace Imison looks at what causes burnout and what impact it has, while suggesting what can be done now to help ensure a healthy and productive workforce.

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Primary care: workforce pressures

Blog post 19/12/2017Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard

Helen Stokes-Lampard writes about sustaining and improving quality in general practice in the light of increased pressures on the primary care workforce over the last decade.

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'Pressures are taking their toll on staff at all levels'

Blog post 15/12/2016

A response to our 2016 annual statement from the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives.

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Watching quality: a focus on the most vulnerable

Blog post 10/10/2014Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE

A key test of any health system is how it cares for the most vulnerable in society.

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Annual statement 2014: Quality of care getting worse in several services

Press release 10/10/2014

Some significant improvements in the quality of healthcare made over the past decade are starting to go into reverse, our report finds.

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Pressures on A&E: a front line perspective

Blog post 23/07/2014Dr Jay Banerjee

Emergency care consultant Dr Jay Banerjee argues that A&E departments require robust leadership and astute resourcing to respond to the populations they serve.

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NHS staff survey: Signs of stress?

Blog post 15/04/2014Ian Blunt

Ian Blunt, Nuffield Trust, explores new analysis into the levels of NHS staff reporting work related-stress as the reason for feeling unwell.

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