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Divided we fall: getting the best out of general practice

Research 05/02/2018Dr Rebecca Rosen

How best to balance the proliferation of GP services prioritising speed and convenience with the traditional view of general practice based on deep knowledge, community-based understanding and continuity of care?

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2018: What to look out for in health and social care

News and opinion 21/12/2017Nuffield Trust

With 2017 drawing to a close and the new year nearly upon us, for festive reading we asked 12 Nuffield Trust experts to each give a brief insight into what might happen in health and social care in 2018. So we’ve been making a list (and checking it twice) of what they told us. See you in the new y...

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Falling short: Why the NHS is still struggling to make the most of new innovations

Research 13/12/2017Sophie Castle-Clarke | Nigel Edwards | Helen Buckingham

Despite the fact there is good understanding of the issues obstructing innovation in the NHS, it is still slow to adopt new technological ideas. Why is this, and how can we address the problem?

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There’s an app for that, but it must pass the NHS test

News and opinion 06/11/2017Dr Rebecca Rosen

With the announcement of a new 24-hour service that offers NHS patients in London a GP consultation via a videolink on their smartphone, Rebecca Rosen asks some important questions.

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Managing patient flow and improving efficiencies: the role of technology

News and opinion 18/08/2017Sophie Castle-Clarke

Long read: Having witnessed tracking technology first hand in two American health care organisations, Sophie Castle-Clarke sets out its strengths and how to implement it successfully.

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Technology and the NHS

Spotlight 17/08/2017

Technology in the NHS has the potential to transform health services and patient experience. But getting it right can be challenging. Here we look at opportunities, barriers to success and how technological change can be successfully implemented.

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Why the NHS must tackle digital exclusion

News and opinion 17/11/2016Adam Micklethwaite

Adam Micklethwaite of Tinder Foundation argues that, unless digital exclusion is addressed, many people across the country will be unable to benefit from the digital transformation of health and other public services.

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The digital patient: transforming primary care?

Research 16/11/2016Sophie Castle-Clarke | Candace Imison

The digital patient: transforming primary care? reviews the evidence that exists on digital technology and its impact on patients in primary care and the NHS.

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The digital revolution in asthma care

News and opinion 17/08/2016Kay Boycott

Kay Boycott, Chief Executive of Asthma UK, outlines why technological transformation is needed in asthma care, and how it is already well underway.

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What can e-health do for patients?

News and opinion 13/05/2016Angela Coulter

Following a new discussion paper published for the Nuffield Trust, Angela Coulter examines the evidence we have so far about patient engagement with information technology.

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