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Brave decision shows how far we have to go: Nuffield Trust response to NHS Improvement financial figures

Press release 11/09/2018

For the first time the NHS's underlying deficit has been published by NHS Improvement.

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Nuffield Trust response to NHS financial figures

Press release 31/05/2018

Financial figures to the end of Quarter 4 for 2017/18 report a £960m deficit, however, the true underlying deficit is likely to be in the region of £4bn.

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With strings attached: taking a closer look at the new NHS money

Blog post 09/02/2018Sally Gainsbury

After it was announced in November there will be £1.6 billion extra resource spending for the NHS next year, Sally Gainsbury explores where that money will go.

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If your household finances were like the NHS

Blog post 22/11/2017Sally Gainsbury

Attention in the run up to the Autumn Budget has focused on how much money the NHS needs in the future, but why have hospitals ended up deeper in the red than official figures show? Sally Gainsbury explores.

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Five reasons why the Chancellor must find extra cash for the NHS at the budget

Blog post 08/11/2017John Appleby | Sally Gainsbury

John Appleby and Sally Gainsbury on why it would be a serious missed opportunity if the NHS funding gap is not addressed on November 22.

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