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Brexit and the coronavirus vaccine

Blog post 09/12/2020Mark Dayan

How will Brexit affect the development, supply and rollout of Covid-19 vaccines? With the end of the transition period fast approaching, Mark Dayan looks at what leaving the Single Market means for every stage in the lifecycle of vaccines, from laboratory test tube to syringe in a GP’s hand. This...

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Safe delivery? The main challenges for the NHS in delivering the Covid-19 vaccine

Blog post 08/12/2020Helen Buckingham

With today marking the start of the UK’s vaccination programme against Covid-19, Helen Buckingham takes a closer look at the main issues for the NHS as it begins its biggest ever vaccine campaign.

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Vaccination coverage for children and mothers

Indicator 26/02/2020

This indicator looks at vaccination coverage for children and mothers in the UK and internationally.

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Public health

Indicator update 26/02/2020Jenny Davies

We’re monitoring changes in public health over time.

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Older people

Indicator update 29/10/2019

In our latest indicator update we look at trends in the quality of care for older people.

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Children and young people

Indicator update 14/05/2019

In our latest update we've looked at trends in the quality of care for children and young people.

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Public health

Indicator update 26/02/2019Jessica Morris

We're monitoring changes in health and social care over time. In our latest update, we look at public health indicators.

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