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Not made to be measured: why evaluating integrated care initiatives is so difficult

Blog post 13/06/2019Eilís Keeble

Knowing which of the growing number of initiatives to join up care in the health service actually work for patients is crucial. Based on her experience with an earlier wave of integration initiatives – the “Pioneers” – Eilís Keeble looks at what needs to be done to make this possible.

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Advancing rapid evaluation: challenges and opportunities

Conference/seminar 29/01/2019 • 09.15–16.30Charles Tallack | Fraser Battye | Jo Ellins | Dr Adam Steventon | Professor Judith Smith | Dr. Ron Agble

The Nuffield Trust in collaboration with three national Rapid Evaluation Centres – RSET, BRACE and the Improvement Analytics Unit - held an event to explore the growing use of rapid evaluation in the health service as a mechanism to drive improvement.

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Ensuring success for the new models of care: recent experience and evidence

Conference/seminar 08/11/2016 • 08.30–10.30

This breakfast seminar focused on raising important questions about the challenges faced, and early progress of these new care initiatives, identifying the emerging learning that can be drawn for the next generation of care models.

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Vanguards: investing in the future today

Blog post 08/06/2016Professor Paul Corrigan

Guest blogger Paul Corrigan argues that recent financial investments into the Vanguards are crucial given the importance of the new models to health and social care's future.

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Lessons from a Vanguard: one year in

Blog post 26/05/2016Bridget Fletcher

Bridget Fletcher, Chief Executive of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, reflects on lessons learned from her organisation's first year as an NHS England Enhanced Care Homes Vanguard.

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New Models of Care: one year on

Blog post 15/03/2016Nigel Edwards

One year on from the launch of the new models of care vanguards programme, Nigel Edwards reflects on the progress made so far.

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Transforming the NHS: what role can general practice play?

Conference/seminar 21/10/2015 • 15.00–17.00Dr Rebecca Rosen | Dr Stephen Shortt | Jim Mackey

A joint seminar hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Health Group and the Nuffield Trust.

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Nuffield Trust responds to announcement of 29 'vanguard' areas to implement the Five Year Forward View

Press release 10/03/2015

Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive of the Nuffield Trust, comments on the announcement of the 29 'vanguard' areas, noting the real test will be expanding beyond these areas that already have pioneering practice.

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