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Seven points of action to help address Northern Ireland's waiting list woes

Blog post 04/06/2021Mark Dayan | Prof. Deirdre Heenan

The waiting list for planned admission to hospital or a first outpatient appointment in Northern Ireland has reached almost 450,000, equivalent to almost a quarter of the population. Deirdre Heenan and Mark Dayan set out seven points of action for tackling the growing waiting list. This blog was ori...

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Transparent processes with a human touch: the essentials of good waiting list management

Blog post 11/05/2021Dr Rebecca Rosen

As record numbers of people wait for planned treatment, managing and prioritising NHS waiting lists will not be easy. Rebecca Rosen describes five ways in which the process can best respond to the emotional and practical needs of patients and staff. There are also a number of ethical issues to consi...

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Questions of fairness: how should the NHS prioritise people waiting for care?

Blog post 11/05/2021Rachel Hutchings | Dr Polly Mitchell

Before Covid-19, the NHS waiting list was not insignificant, but the effects of the pandemic have led to record numbers waiting for treatment – including many more waiting over a year. With an accompanying blog from Rebecca Rosen looking at the practical challenges involved in managing and priorit...

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Combined Performance Summary: June – July 2018

Latest data 09/08/2018Jessica Morris

Our round up of the latest key NHS performance data.

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Combined Performance Summary March/April 2018

Latest data 10/05/2018Jessica Morris

Our round up of the latest key NHS performance data.

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Combined Performance Summary: November/December 2017

Latest data 11/01/2018Jessica Morris

Our round-up of the latest key data on NHS performance.

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10 crucial trends: Quality in the NHS 2009 to 2017

Blog post 19/12/2017John Appleby

We look at key quality performance measures during an unprecedented period of financial squeeze.

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Nuffield Trust responds to NHS England's Board Meeting

Press release 30/11/2017

Prof John Appleby comments on the budget implications for the NHS discussed at the 30 November NHS England Board meeting.

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Combined Performance Summary: September/October 2017

Latest data 09/11/2017John Appleby

Our highlights from the latest NHS performance data.

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Combined Performance Summary: July/August 2017

Latest data 14/09/2017John Appleby

Our selection of the key NHS performance data released this month.

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