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Nigel Edwards responds to weekly winter and monthly performance statistics

News and opinion 11/01/2018

New figures clearly reveal why the NHS is under such extraordinary pressure this winter.

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John Appleby responds to weekly winter operational statistics

News and opinion 04/01/2018

New statistics show the health service is likely to face another three months of exceptional need for care but it is starting from a precarious position.

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Labour right to predict a grim winter for the NHS, but one-off bung won't solve it

News and opinion 25/09/2017

Nigel Edwards responds to the Labour Party’s call for a £500 million NHS winter bailout fund.

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Winter Insight: The ambulance service

Research 07/04/2017John Appleby | Mark Dayan

The ambulance service has come to be a totemic symbol of the NHS in England, free at the point of use and available to all. It represents the fundamental duty of care at the heart of the health service and is an expression of the dedication of NHS staff. In our final winter briefing, we look at thes...

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NHS 111 sending increasing number of callers to A&E and ambulances

News and opinion 22/02/2017

Numbers of NHS 111 callers sent to emergency services vary significantly around the country.

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Winter insight

Spotlight 07/02/2017

In a new short series, the Nuffield Trust is looking closely at some of the big issues behind pressure on the NHS in winter months.

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Black alert? Or many shades of OPEL

News and opinion 06/01/2017Nigel Edwards

In this analysis from winter 2016/17, Nigel Edwards explains OPELs - a new system designed to help the NHS better understand winter pressures. OPEL figures revealed a third of hospitals in December 2016 issued serious alerts about their ability to meet patient pressures.

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Winter hospital bed pressures

Research 16/12/2016John Appleby

Kicking off a new data series on winter pressures, John Appleby presents the findings of a new analysis of bed occupancy levels from NHS England situation reports for last winter. The analysis suggests that the NHS could be on track for a very difficult winter this year.

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Nuffield Trust response to the Health Select Committee report on winter pressures

News and opinion 03/11/2016

Nigel Edwards comments on the latest report from the Health Select Committee on winter pressures.

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Winter pressures: what's going on behind the scenes?

Research 11/02/2016Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Holly Dorning

In this latest analysis from QualityWatch we track A&E performance across 29 different indicators over the past five years (from Spring 2010 to autumn 2015) to shine a light on the pressure hospital services experience in winter.

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