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Indicator update summary: August 2017

Indicator update 25/08/2017Robert Reed

A round-up of new data on NHS waiting times.

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Combined Performance Summary, June/July 2017

Latest data 10/08/2017John Appleby

A double dose of key NHS performance measures.

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Combined Performance Summary, May 2017

Latest data 13/07/2017John Appleby

Key stats from the latest NHS England performance data.

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Combined Performance Summary, April 2017

Latest data 12/06/2017John Appleby

Our summary of the latest key NHS performance data.

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Snapshot – John Appleby on waiting times

Video 28/05/2017

Appleby J (2017) Snapshot – John Appleby on waiting times [Online Video]. 28 May 2017.

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Is the NHS at breaking point?

Blog post 26/05/2017Mark Dayan

"Why is the NHS in crisis?" is one of the most-googled questions on the NHS this election. But is it? As part of our partnership with Full Fact during this campaign, Mark Dayan looks at the evidence.

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Children's emergency care: the story behind the statistics

Blog post 15/05/2017Annamarie Hassall

How a localised approach hopes to address high infant emergency admissions.

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John Appleby responds to March's Combined Performance Summary

Press release 11/05/2017

Several measures are heading in the right direction but the number of admissions to hospital are still a cause for concern.

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Combined Performance Summary: March 2017

Latest data 11/05/2017John Appleby

The latest key performance measures from NHS England.

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Focus on: Emergency hospital care for children and young people

Report 24/04/2017Eilís Keeble | Lucia Kossarova

As the NHS emerges from its toughest winter yet, attention has been focused on the impact of older people on the health system. But younger people (up to the age of 24) are also frequent users of emergency care and, like older people, require specialist care.

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