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Parliamentary Briefing for Queen’s Speech Debate

Briefing 28/06/2017

Polling shows that health is seen by the public as one of the most important issues facing the United Kingdom. Ahead of the Queen’s Speech health debates this briefing looks at the facts and issues which will confront the 2017 Parliament.

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After the Queen's Speech

Spotlight 28/06/2017

Over the coming months and years there are several pressing NHS and social care issues the new Parliament will have to tackle. Here we have gathered together resources highlighting those issues.

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Snapshot – Mark Dayan on EU workers in the NHS

Video 31/05/2017

Dayan M (2017) Snapshot – Mark Dayan on EU workers in the NHS [Online Video]. 31 May 2017.

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NHS could face bill of over half a billion pounds from Brexit

Press release 31/05/2017

New briefing shows the NHS could face large costs if retired British people living in other EU countries decide to return to UK in the event of their healthcare being withdrawn after Brexit.

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Getting a Brexit deal that works for the NHS

Report 31/05/2017Mark Dayan

The impacts of Brexit will be wide ranging for the NHS – from finances to staffing and the regulatory environment. This briefing explores what it would take to get an effective Brexit deal for the NHS.

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Nuffield Trust Snapshots

Video 30/05/2017

As part of our General Election 2017 work, we sat down with a number of our experts to understand key issues facing the NHS. This playlist will be updated as we continue to add more videos.

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Statement on Health Select Committee report on Brexit and health and social care

Press release 28/04/2017

The Nuffield Trust submitted written and oral evidence to the Health Select Committee, Nigel Edwards responds to their report.

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General Election 2017

Spotlight 27/04/2017

With health and social care set to be one of the key topics this election we've pulled together some of our key resources to help you navigate the big issues during the election.

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The path to Brexit

Blog post 29/03/2017Mark Dayan

Article 50 has been triggered, so what happens now? Mark Dayan sets out the next steps as Brexit gets underway, and what that means for the NHS and social care.

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