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Nuffield Trust statement on NHS Scotland figures included in study of UK health performance

Press release 21/01/2010

The Nuffield Trust has now received official confirmation from the Office for National Statistics that an official figure obtained from the ONS and used in a January 2010 report was incorrect.

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Funding and performance of healthcare systems in the four countries of the UK before and after devolution

Report 20/01/2010Professor Gwyn Bevan | Professor Nicholas Mays | Sheelah Connolly

This report undertakes a completely new comparison of NHS performance in the English regions and the devolved countries of the UK.

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Some UK countries spending more on the NHS but delivering less, finds major new Nuffield Trust report

Press release 20/01/2010

A unique analysis of the performance of the NHS before and after devolution has found striking differences in performance and spending per patient between the four countries of the UK.

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Health and intergovernmental relations in the devolved United Kingdom

Report 14/07/2008Dr Scott L. Greer | Alan Trench

This report explains how devolution shapes health policy in the four countries of the UK.

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Devolution and health

Report 28/01/2008Paul Jervis

This report describes how health policy has changed in the four countries of the UK since the previous Nuffield Trust report in 2003.

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Devolving policy, diverging values?

Report 25/01/2008Dr Scott L. Greer | David Rowland

This report focuses on the values of the NHS in each of the four nations, and those health care systems within Europe.

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Divergence and devolution

Report 01/10/2001Dr Scott L. Greer

This report compares the four health care systems of the UK and what each can learn from the others.

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Devolution and health 1st report

Report 01/05/2000Paul Jervis | William Plowden

This report examines how the UK's four health services have developed since devolution.

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Devolution and health: Nuffield Trust Series No.3

Book 01/11/1998Robert Hazell | Paul Jervis

This book explores to what extent we can still talk of the NHS once it is run by three or four different governments within the UK.

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