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Is the NHS at breaking point?

Blog post 26/05/2017Mark Dayan

"Why is the NHS in crisis?" is one of the most-googled questions on the NHS this election. But is it? As part of our partnership with Full Fact during this campaign, Mark Dayan looks at the evidence.

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NHS funding choices and the 2017 General Election

Report 22/05/2017John Appleby | Sally Gainsbury

We set out different scenarios about possible future spending on the NHS in England including an analysis and comparison of the latest pledges from the three main parties' manifestos.

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Response to Theresa May's announcement of a cap on social care costs

Press release 22/05/2017

Nigel Edwards comments on the Conservatives' announcement that a Conservative government would include a cap on care costs in a social care green paper.

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No party has pledged enough funding for the NHS

Press release 22/05/2017

The NHS in England cannot close its funding gap, cope with increased demand and sustain high quality care with any of the funding pledges made by the three major political parties.

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Our response to the Conservative manifesto

Press release 18/05/2017

The pledge of a further £8 billion by 2022/23 does not get us to a long term funding settlement to support the principles of a comprehensive National Health Service.

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Our response to the Liberal Democrat's manifesto

Press release 17/05/2017

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to raise income tax across the board in order to give the NHS and adult social care ‘an extra £6 billion a year’ above existing spending plans.

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Our response to Labour's manifesto

Press release 16/05/2017

While the £30 billion sum will provide a welcome relief in the short term, in three or four years’ time a funding gap will re-emerge as NHS costs continue to rise.

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Our response to statement on staffing concerns from NHS Providers

Press release 08/05/2017

Candace Imison agrees with the NHS Providers that staffing issues in the NHS need to be central to the 2017 election.

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John Appleby responds to Liberal Democrat NHS funding pledge

Press release 06/05/2017

Tim Farron promises to increase funding for the NHS and social care and create an independent body to monitor health spending.

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Manifestly important: health, social care and the General Election

Blog post 03/05/2017Nigel Edwards

Nigel Edwards outlines three core issues facing the NHS that politicians may want to keep in mind during the short campaign.

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