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Sharp drop in public satisfaction with the NHS, new analysis shows

Press release 28/02/2018

The Nuffield Trust and The King's Fund say the results reflect the public’s growing anxieties over the funding and staffing of the NHS.

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Is it just the UK finding winter pressures hard?

Blog post 12/02/2018John Appleby

While this winter has been particularly tough for the NHS, we’re not the only nation affected by it, as John Appleby reveals.

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Divided we fall: getting the best out of general practice

Report 05/02/2018Dr Rebecca Rosen

How best to balance the proliferation of GP services prioritising speed and convenience with the traditional view of general practice based on deep knowledge, community-based understanding and continuity of care?

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NHS estates: viewpoints

Briefing 11/01/2018

A number of people from within and outside the Nuffield Trust consider the subject of NHS estates and give us their thoughts.

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England’s new workforce strategy ignores the elephant in the room

Blog post 15/12/2017Candace Imison

The workforce strategy consultation lays bare the scale of the current crisis in health care services. Its plans are admirable, but it fails to address the core reasons for the NHS's predicament, argues Candace Imison.

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Autumn Budget 2017: What it means for health and social care

Explainer 28/11/2017

As the dust begins to settle after the Autumn Budget, the Nuffield Trust, the Health Foundation and The King’s Fund look at what was announced and what it really means.

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Autumn Budget 2017

Spotlight 21/11/2017

As the NHS turns its attention towards looming winter pressures and their associated challenges, on 22 November the Chancellor reveals the Government's latest spending plans. Will the NHS receive a funding boost of any kind? Our Autumn Budget analysis is collected together here.

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The Autumn Budget: joint statement on health and social care

Report 08/11/2017Nuffield Trust | The Health Foundation | The King's Fund

Nuffield Trust, the Health Foundation and The King’s Fund are urging the government to address the critical state of health and social care in its forthcoming Autumn Budget.

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How will our future relationship with the EU shape the NHS?

Report 07/11/2017Mark Dayan

What effect will the Brexit negotiations have on the way the NHS operates in future? This briefing looks at five key areas where the agreements that are made with the European Union will shape health and social care over the coming decades.

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Capital planning and property in the NHS: lost opportunities

Blog post 27/10/2017Nigel Edwards

Long read: Nigel Edwards explores why investment in and reform of NHS property requires more expertise within the NHS. It is the first in a series of pieces about the NHS estate, running alongside our Restate programme of work over the coming months.

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