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Will the NHS really need fewer beds in the future?

Blog post 07/08/2017Nigel Edwards

Long read: After a recent review of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) by London South Bank University, Nigel Edwards uses hospital data to take a closer look at the scale of the task they face in reducing the number of beds, and where they might concentrate their eff...

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Right care, right place: why NHS estates matter

Blog post 28/07/2017Helen Buckingham

Helen Buckingham takes a measured approach to NHS estates, and explains why the NHS finds it such a difficult issue. She looks at the importance of getting it right for patient care, the potential for developing smart local solutions, and invites others to be involved in our work on it.

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The fairest of them all? Examining the NHS's global ranking

Blog post 20/07/2017Nigel Edwards

While the NHS was recently judged again to be the best health care system from 11 different nations, Nigel Edwards reflects on why it doesn’t do quite so well on clinical outcomes.

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Cuts to public health: why spending less will cost the NHS more

Blog post 12/07/2017Dr Charlotte Paddison

With public health and prevention in the news, Charlotte Paddison talks about the implications of getting it wrong and the importance of getting it right – for people’s health and for NHS finances.

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Learning from Scotland’s NHS

Report 05/07/2017Mark Dayan | Nigel Edwards

This report looks at Scotland’s unique health care system, and explores how other parts of the UK might be able to learn from it.

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Inspiration close to home

Blog post 05/07/2017Dr David Steel OBE

In this comment piece, Dr David Steel, former chief executive of Quality Improvement Scotland, welcomes the Nuffield’s new report on learning from Scotland’s NHS, and gives his take on why it’s worth looking north of the border.

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Power to the people: what if we gave patients more of a say on health service reforms?

Blog post 22/06/2017Helen Buckingham

Helen Buckingham reflects on how health professionals can sometimes impose decisions on patients, and ponders what would happen if those professionals stood back and gave the patient the power to decide themselves.

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Five thoughts on what the election result means for the NHS

Blog post 12/06/2017Nigel Edwards

Despite the unexpected outcome, Nigel Edwards outlines five points that already seem clear for the health service.

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Getting a Brexit deal that works for the NHS

Report 31/05/2017Mark Dayan

The impacts of Brexit will be wide ranging for the NHS – from finances to staffing and the regulatory environment. This briefing explores what it would take to get an effective Brexit deal for the NHS.

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