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What do the new legislative proposals mean for the NHS?

Blog post 03/03/2021Nigel Edwards

The recent white paper set out significant changes for the health service, but are there tensions and risks ahead? Nigel Edwards gives the expert view. This blog was originally published in the BMJ on 15 February.

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NHS history

Spotlight 19/05/2020

It is sometimes said that as a large and highly complex organisation, the NHS must pay more heed to the lessons that history offers when forming new policies. Here we collect together a variety of our resources and analysis that use history to aid understanding.

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Lessons from history for the NHS 10 year plan

Conference/seminar 16/10/2018 • 17.45–20.00

Since 2000 the NHS in England has seen at least six major national plans, accompanied by at least ten reorganisations at various levels. With a new plan now being written that aims to last until 2028, backed by tens of billions in extra funding, there are high stakes in getting it right this time. J...

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New Nuffield Trust strategy aims to better connect policy-makers with NHS frontline

Press release 21/10/2015

The Nuffield Trust has today published its five-year strategic plan setting out how it will work to improve health care in the UK.

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NHS @ 65: rejuvenate or retire?

Conference/seminar 02/07/2013 • 18.00–20.00Polly Toynbee | Professor Raymond Tallis | Rt Hon Alan Milburn | Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell

This debate, held just days before the NHS’ 65th anniversary on 5 July 2013, brought together some of the most influential thinkers from the health sector and beyond, to debate whether it is time for the NHS to be retired off or whether there is scope for reinvention.

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Government legislation is major step forward for social care but funding gap will still remain

Press release 21/05/2013

Nuffield Trust briefing argues that the funding to support a new social care support cap and means test threshold will not fully bridge the growing gap between funding and demand for social care.

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Nuffield Trust responds to Queen's Speech 2013

Press release 08/05/2013

Nuffield Trust Chief Executive Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE comments in response to the announcements on health and social care reform set out in today's Queen's Speech.

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Experienced leaders discuss the NHS' past and future on eve of major reforms: new Nuffield Trust report

Press release 28/03/2013

As major reforms to the NHS in England go live next week (1 April), a dozen of the country’s most senior managers working in the NHS have given their verdict on the Coalition Government’s reforms.

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Stephen Dorrell: Will the NHS reforms deliver?

Video 27/04/2012

In this exclusive video interview, Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell MP, Chair of the Health Select Committee, talks to Nuffield Trust Senior Fellow  Ruth Thorlby about how optimistic he is that the NHS reforms …

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Highlights from the 2011 Annual Health Strategy Summit

Video 10/09/2011

The Nuffield Trust’s  third Annual Health Strategy Summit  came at a critical time in the implementation of the NHS reforms outlined in the White Paper,  Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS , …

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