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Foundations for health improvement

Book 01/10/2002Walter W Holland

A comparison of health research output in the UK and the US, with analysis of the structural, organisational and political influences.

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Introducing market forces into healthcare

Briefing 01/06/2002

In this speech, an interesting comparison is made between the ‘internal market’ years of the NHS and the American healthcare industry.

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Quality of health care in the United States: A chartbook

Report 01/04/2002Professor Sheila Leatherman CBE | Douglas McCarthy

This chartbook is based on more than 150 published studies and reports about quality of care.

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The boundaries between health and social care for older people in developed countries

Report 01/12/2000Mark Minford

This report looks at how other countries provide care for people with mental health problems.

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Systems for the care of people with mental health problems in developed countries

Report 01/12/2000Mark Minford

This report examines how other countries provide care for people with mental health problems.

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Dying to know: public release of information about quality of health care

Book 01/10/2000Professor Sheila Leatherman CBE | Professor Martin Marshall | Paul Shekelle | Robert Brook

This book examines the suggested policy of having more publicly available information about members of the medical profession.

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Margaret E. Mahoney Symposium 1999 - Quality of health care: Current issues & future directions, a trans-atlantic perspective

Report 01/09/2000Professor Sheila Leatherman CBE | Frank Dobson | Donna Shalala | Robert Brook | Sir Liam Donaldson

An open exchange between US and UK participants and collaborative analysis.

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Preparing for practice: An analysis of the state of community-based medical education in the US

Report 01/09/1999Helen Hogan

This report explores the contextual background to the expansion of community-based education in the US.

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Hurdles and Levers: A comparative US-UK study of guidelines

Book 01/11/1998Patricia Day | Rudolph Klein | Frances Miller

This study examines how best to promote change in clinical practice and persuade doctors to use resources more efficiently.

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Managed care: panacea or palliation?

Report 01/10/1998Alan Maynard | Karen Bloor

This report illustrates that the US experience of managed care has similarities with the NHS but also major differences.

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