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Errors, emergencies and inequality: key findings from our latest indicators

Blog post 16/04/2015

Six interesting statistics on topics including NHS complaints, medication errors, life expectancy and emergency calls.

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Sophie Clark: linked data

Presentation 12/11/2014

Sophie Clark, a paramedic for the London Ambulance Service, presents on the role of linked data and pre-hospital risk management as part of the Nuffield Trust's QualityWatch conference on Allied …

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Ambulance response times: speeding downhill?

Blog post 22/10/2014Ross Thomson

The last 18 months have seen a nationwide deterioration in ambulance service performance. Ross Thomson explores why.

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Quality across the service divide

Blog post 05/03/2014Dr Martin Bardsley

Dr Martin Bardsley considers whether we can afford quality in a period of financial constraint.

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A decade of quality in health

Press release 10/10/2013

Many quality indicators linked to the NHS are holding up but data point to urgent and preventive care as causes for concern.

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