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What can I do about child health? A paediatrician’s view from the front line

Blog post 16/07/2018Dr Lizzie Wortley

After years of progress, in March we reported that health outcomes for babies and young children in the UK are stalling in several key areas. In a guest blog, paediatrician Dr Lizzie Wortley shares her frustrations about it. What can she and others do to improve matters?

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Lagging behind: why we must do better on child health

Blog post 15/03/2018Nigel Edwards | Professor Russell Viner

Alongside our new report today, Nigel Edwards and Professor Russell Viner look at the UK's faltering progress on children’s health, and the importance of catching up with other countries on it.

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UK lagging behind peers on child health, new research reveals

Press release 15/03/2018

The first ever international analysis looking at UK child health measures over time shows that the UK is now stalling in several key areas like infant mortality and immunisation levels.

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Admissions of inequality: emergency hospital use for children and young people

Report 24/12/2017Lucia Kossarova | Dr Ronny Cheung | Dougal Hargreaves | Eilís Keeble

Does a child's socioeconomic background affect rates of admissions to hospital for common conditions such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy?

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‘Worrying’ inequality gap highlighted in children’s emergency health care

Press release 24/12/2017

New research shows children from the poorest areas are consistently more likely to go to A&E and to need emergency hospital treatment.

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Child asthma admissions: part of a ‘care-failure’ iceberg

Blog post 26/06/2017Dr Andrew Whittamore

What should be done about persistently high emergency admissions for children with asthma?

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Children's emergency care: the story behind the statistics

Blog post 15/05/2017Annamarie Hassall

How a localised approach hopes to address high infant emergency admissions.

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The rising challenge of children’s urgent and emergency care

Blog post 24/04/2017John Criddle | Isobel Howe

A call for an integrated approach to care redesign for services for infants, children and young people.

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Indicator update summary: public health

Indicator update 03/05/2016Nora Cooke O'Dowd

A round-up of our latest indicator updates.

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Uplifting examples and a picture of the future at QualityWatch 2015

Blog post 16/11/2015Dr Mando Watson

Consultant paediatrician Dr Mando Watson discusses highlights and key learning from the QualityWatch annual conference.

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