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Does telehealth reduce hospital costs? Six points to ponder

Blog post 28/06/2012Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE

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What is the impact of telehealth on hospital use?

Blog post 22/06/2012Dr Adam Steventon

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The ninth international meeting on quality of health care

Conference/seminar 18/07/2008 – 20/07/2008 • 14.00–13.00Andy McKeon | Angela Coulter | Dr Rebecca Rosen | Professor Chris Ham CBE | Professor Dame Carol Black | Professor Martin Roland CBE | Robin Osborn

The focus of the event was on strategies for improving transitions and coordination of care for people with chronic illnesses.

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Report 05/02/2004Alison Stewart | Hilary Burton

How does our diet interact with our genes, and how does this affect our tendency to suffer from certain diseases?

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