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Judith Smith: The future of commissioning

Presentation 08/03/2013

In this slideshow,  Dr Judith Smith , Director of Policy, Nuffield Trust, examines commissioning in the reformed NHS including existing knowledge in the sector about their role, and what this means …

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Health Committee: 2012 inquiry into the work of NICE

Briefing 29/10/2012

Our report on the work of NICE, including its impact and limitations.

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Mike Farrar: Ambitions of the Health and Social Care Act

Video 20/07/2012

In this video, Mike Farrar CBE, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation talks to Nuffield Trust Senior Fellow in Health Policy Ruth Thorlby about what he believes are the key ambitions for the …

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Julian Le Grand: The availability of NHS services

Video 23/02/2012

In this talk, Professor Julian Le Grand, Richard Titmuss Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics (LSE) discusses the potential restriction of NHS services, and whether clinical …

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GP led commissioning: time for a cool appraisal

Journal article 16/02/2012

The Government has identified GP led commissioning as critical to tackling the twin challenges of service change and improved efficiency, but does the evidence bear this out?

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Chris Ham: Supporting CCGs to commission integrated care

Video 22/09/2011

In this interview,  Professor Chris Ham , Chief Executive of  The King’s Fund talks to Elizabeth Eastmure of the Nuffield Trust, about the findings of a research project led by Professor Ham and …

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Setting priorities in health: The challenge of clinical commissioning

Report 15/09/2011Suzanne Robinson | Helen Dickinson | Iestyn Williams | Tim Freeman | Dr Benedict Rumbold | Katie Spence

A national study into how PCTs have prioritised NHS resources, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of their processes.

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