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The remote care revolution during Covid-19

Data story 16/12/2020

What does the rapid adoption of digital technology for delivering NHS care mean for patients?

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The remote care revolution in the NHS: understanding impacts and attitudes

Briefing 16/12/2020

This year’s QualityWatch animated scrolling data story explores the increased use of remote care in the NHS after the outbreak of Covid-19. This article explains the findings in more detail and discusses some of the implications...

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Rural, remote and at risk: Why rural health services face a steep climb to recovery from Covid-19

Report 11/12/2020Billy Palmer | Lucina Rolewicz

Even before the pandemic, rural and remote health services faced long-standing workforce, financial and capacity issues. So how are those same services faring in the face of the biggest health crisis in generations? This analysis assesses the outlook for these vital providers of care.

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Nuffield Trust response to NAO report on NHS Test and Trace

Press release 11/12/2020

Billy Palmer responds to the NAO report on NHS Test and Trace.

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Brexit and the coronavirus vaccine

Blog post 09/12/2020Mark Dayan

How will Brexit affect the development, supply and rollout of Covid-19 vaccines? With the end of the transition period fast approaching, Mark Dayan looks at what leaving the Single Market means for every stage in the lifecycle of vaccines, from laboratory test tube to syringe in a GP’s hand. This...

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How many cases of Covid-19 are there? A Q&A

Blog post 09/12/2020Sarah Scobie

After England’s month-long lockdown in November, Sarah Scobie answers important questions on the numbers of Covid-19 cases. She analyses how the numbers in the second wave so far compare with the first wave from earlier this year, and what the impact on health services might be. This Q&A was origi...

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Nuffield Trust response to weekly ONS registered deaths statistics

Press release 08/12/2020

Sarah Scobie responds to the latest weekly mortality stats from the Office for National Statistics.

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How are different countries balancing care during the latest Covid wave?

Blog post 07/12/2020Sarah Reed

Long read: Earlier this year, Sarah Reed assessed how different countries were trying to resume health services following the first wave of Covid-19. In this long read, she looks at how different health systems are coping with the dual challenge of winter and another wave of the cor...

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Virtual wards: caring for Covid-19 patients at home could save lives

Blog post 03/12/2020Dr Cecilia Vindrola-Padros | Prof Naomi Fulop | Professor Trish Greenhalgh

Cecilia Vindrola-Padros, Naomi Fulop and Trish Greenhalgh describe the importance of oximeters and how they could save lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. This article was originally published in The Conversation on 6 November.

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Chart of the week: Weekly deaths once again exceeding 20-year average during pandemic’s second wave

Data story 03/12/2020

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. This week, as the second wave of coronavirus leads to the start of another major spike in overall deaths, John Appleby and Billy Palmer take a look at historic trends in weekly mortality and find...

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