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Delivering the benefits of digital health care

Report 17/02/2016Candace Imison | Sophie Castle-Clarke | Dr Robert Watson | Nigel Edwards

This report sets out the possibilities to transform health care offered by digital technologies, with important insight about how to grasp those possibilities and benefits from those furthest on in their digital journey.

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In discussion with: the 'digital doctor'

Blog post 16/02/2016Robert Wachter MD

Kicking off our new series on digitising the NHS, we interview Robert Wachter, author of The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine's Computer Age, about his experience introducing digital health technologies in the US.

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How are GPs adopting digital innovation?

Blog post 27/08/2015Dr Kushal Barai

Kushal Barai examines three ways that GPs are working with digital innovation to create better care for their patients.

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Will technology save the NHS £10 billion?

Blog post 30/06/2015Sophie Castle-Clarke

Sophie Castle-Clarke muses on digital plans for the NHS and considers whether they can really lead to savings of £10 billion by 2020.

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Martin Bardsley: Analysis of virtual wards

Presentation 14/04/2014

In this slideshow,  Dr Martin Bardsley , Director of Research, Nuffield Trust, describes our recent analysis into the  effectiveness of virtual wards . Dr Bardsley presented the findings in at a …

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Can telehealth reduce demand on GPs?

Blog post 28/10/2013Dr Martin Bardsley

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Predictive risk: an idea whose time has come?

Blog post 29/07/2013Lyn Whitfield

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First year evaluation of the Inner North West London Integrated Care Pilot published

Press release 17/05/2013

Today the Nuffield Trust and Imperial College London published an evaluation of the first year of the Inner North West London Integrated Care Pilot.

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