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Got a problem? Call 118

Blog post 30/01/2014Andy McKeon

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Under pressure: hospital organisation in Europe

Blog post 29/01/2014Nigel Edwards

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Ernst Walther: Efficiency and economy in German hospitals

Presentation 20/01/2014

In this slideshow, Dr Ernst Walther, Head Physician, Department of Neurology, Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek, Germany, describes  efficiency  and economy in German hospitals, focusing in particular on …

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Hard truths or home truths?

Blog post 28/11/2013Professor Judith Smith

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Reforming social care – the Japanese experience

Blog post 27/11/2013Dr Linda Patterson OBE

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The quality of care: we must keep watching

Blog post 21/11/2013Ian Blunt

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Houston, we have a problem

Blog post 12/11/2013Anita Charlesworth

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Who shall we hold to account?

Blog post 30/10/2013Andy McKeon

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