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Combined Performance Summary, June/July 2017

Latest data 10/08/2017John Appleby

A double dose of key NHS performance measures.

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Combined Performance Summary, May 2017

Latest data 13/07/2017John Appleby

Key stats from the latest NHS England performance data.

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Where next for children’s emergency and urgent care?

Blog post 28/06/2017Kath Evans

We need a whole system approach to improving children and young people's health services.

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John Appleby responds to March's Combined Performance Summary

Press release 11/05/2017

Several measures are heading in the right direction but the number of admissions to hospital are still a cause for concern.

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Combined Performance Summary: March 2017

Latest data 11/05/2017John Appleby

The latest key performance measures from NHS England.

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The rising challenge of children’s urgent and emergency care

Blog post 24/04/2017John Criddle | Isobel Howe

A call for an integrated approach to care redesign for services for infants, children and young people.

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New research reveals rise in emergency hospital admissions for young children

Press release 24/04/2017

A new report has found that the number of babies and young children admitted to hospital in an emergency has grown by almost a third over the past decade.

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Shifting the balance of care: Great expectations

Report 01/03/2017Candace Imison | Natasha Curry | Holly Holder | Sophie Castle-Clarke | Dr Danielle Nimmons | John Appleby | Ruth Thorlby | Silvia Lombardo

This research draws on an extensive literature review to assess the realism of the narrative that moving care out of hospital will save money. It explores five key areas: elective care, urgent and emergency care, admission avoidance and easier discharge, at risk populations, and self-care.

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Combined Performance Summary: December 2016

Latest data 09/02/2017John Appleby

A selection of the latest official NHS performance figures.

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Combined Performance Summary: November 2016

Latest data 12/01/2017John Appleby

A selection of the latest NHS performance figures.

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