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Spending on health: how does the UK compare internationally?

Blog post 04/08/2017John Appleby | Ben Gershlick

For years, international stats seemed to show the UK spending less of its national income on health care than other wealthy countries – but new figures show we may be keeping up with our peers after all. John Appleby has worked with Ben Gershlick of the Health Foundation to look at what this means...

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Think tanks join together in call to strengthen NHS finances

Blog post 06/06/2017Nigel Edwards | Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE | Professor Chris Ham CBE

In a letter to the Times the Nuffield Trust, The King's Fund and the Health Foundation highlight a significant funding gap for the NHS.

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Nuffield Trust Snapshots

Video 30/05/2017

As part of our General Election 2017 work, we sat down with a number of our experts to understand key issues facing the NHS. This playlist will be updated as we continue to add more videos.

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NHS funding choices and the 2017 General Election

Report 22/05/2017John Appleby | Sally Gainsbury

We set out different scenarios about possible future spending on the NHS in England including an analysis and comparison of the latest pledges from the three main parties' manifestos.

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Our response to the Liberal Democrat's manifesto

Press release 17/05/2017

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to raise income tax across the board in order to give the NHS and adult social care ‘an extra £6 billion a year’ above existing spending plans.

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Our response to Labour's manifesto

Press release 16/05/2017

While the £30 billion sum will provide a welcome relief in the short term, in three or four years’ time a funding gap will re-emerge as NHS costs continue to rise.

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13 reasons for (and some against) spending more on the NHS

Blog post 08/03/2017John Appleby

So you think we should spend more on the NHS? But why?

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Moving care out of hospital won’t save money, experts warn

Press release 01/03/2017

Schemes that deliver healthcare closer to home are often better for patients but largely fail to save the NHS money.

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Is it time for a dedicated tax to fund the NHS?

Blog post 09/02/2017John Appleby

In this head-to-head for the BMJ, Richard Layard says a dedicated tax is the only way that we can be sure the government is reflecting public wishes, but John Appleby argues it would not protect funding from economic uncertainty.

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