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How will our future relationship with the EU shape the NHS?

Report 07/11/2017Mark Dayan

What effect will the Brexit negotiations have on the way the NHS operates in future? This briefing looks at five key areas where the agreements that are made with the European Union will shape health and social care over the coming decades.

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Health Policy Priorities for a New Parliament: Essay collection

Journal article 07/07/2015

This article is part of a collection of essays published jointly by the All-Party Parliamentary Group and The King's Fund.

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Carolyn Tuohy: New forces in shaping health policy?

Video 19/09/2012

In this video, Professor Carolyn Hughes Tuohy, School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto, considers the role of a new player in shaping health policy – the institutional entrepren…

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Becoming European: How France, Germany, Spain and UK Engage with European Union Health Policy

Report 20/11/2008

How do European Union member states influence EU health policy?

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Devolved UK in danger of losing power in Europe

Press release 20/11/2008

A report from health policy think tank the Nuffield Trust examines how devolution in the UK could erode the nation’s current influential position in shaping European Union health policy.

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Health and intergovernmental relations in the devolved United Kingdom

Report 14/07/2008Alan Trench

This report explains how devolution shapes health policy in the four countries of the UK.

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Responding to Europe: Government, NHS and stakeholder responses to the EU health challenge

Report 16/05/2006

The EU is probably the most significant challenge to health policy and management in the UK. This report explains why.

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Policy futures for UK health

Book 28/11/2005Linda Rosenstrom Chang | Pam Garside | Sandra Dawson | Zoe Slote Morris

This report asks what the UK's health needs will be in 2015 and what we can do now to ensure meeting those needs.

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Health and foreign policy in the UK: The experience since 1997

Briefing 15/11/2005

This paper explores how the international policy agenda has developed in the UK.

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The public-private mix for health

Book 01/03/2005Alan Maynard

This book offers an international perspective on the public-private mix and the future of UK health policy.

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